Our mission is to assist large and medium business in increasing effectiveness and controllability of the enterprise.

The current economic situation and strong competitiveness require a constant increase of business effectiveness.  Modern business, in its turn, requires a new approach to business process automation: high mobility, flexibility and efficiency of the decision-making process, an opportunity to receive information on the current situation in your company with the Internet access have become not trends but urgent needs today. The Russian economy has endured the period of wild capitalism from the point of view of information technologies. The Russian business have become more demanding and selective from the perspective of automation and its outcomes. Having invested currency, the owner wants to know what it will be return and wants to witness the real results. Malahit Business Intelligence offers to owners of companies, managing directors of enterprises and IT managers of large organizations a new level of cooperation with IT solutions providers which is based on a long-term experience of process-oriented approach to automation of enterprises and agile solution development technologies.

Our goal is to create a unique vertically integrated service provider which would independently develop and implement solutions for manufacturing enterprises considering their characteristic features.

Main activities of our company: 

  • Developing information systems of managing the manufacturing enterprises of MES and ERP categories meant for internal and external resources management, promotion of information flows between all economic subunits, getting information on the production progress, order execution, production expenses, equipment downtimes and in-stock balance; 
  • Developing software solutions for managing project portfolio of the enterprise including such important aspects as strategy, resources, financing and risks;
  • Developing cloud-based software solutions for small and medium business;
  • Implementing our software solutions and integrating them with the current system of the enterprise;
  • IT consulting. 

Our task is to provide to each enterprise a modern effective tool for business processes planning, monitoring and controlling.